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Administration, Division of (DOA) No DOA Facebook Page No DOA Twitter Feed No DOA YouTube Channel No DOA Flickr Photostream

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Administrative Law, Division of No Admin Law Facebook Page No Admin Law Twitter Feed No Admin Law YouTube Channel No Admin Law Flickr Photostream
Agricultural Center, Louisiana State University (LSU AgCenter) LSU AgCenter Facebook Page LSU AgCenter Twitter Feed No LSU AgCenter YouTube Channel No LSU AgCenter Flickr Photostream
Agriculture and Forestry, Department of (LDAF) LDAF Facebook Page LDAF Twitter Feed No LDAF YouTube Channel No LDAF Flickr Photostream
Alcohol and Tobacco Control, Office of (ATC) No ATC Facebook Page No ATC Twitter Feed No ATC YouTube Channel No ATC Flickr Photostream
Attorney General (AG) AG Facebook Page No AG Twitter Feed AG YouTube Channel No AG Flickr Photostream


Bond Commission, State No Bond Commission Facebook Page No Bond Commission Twitter Feed No Bond Commission YouTube Channel No Bond Commission Flickr Photostream


Charitable Gaming, Office of No Gaming Facebook Page No Gaming Twitter Feed No Gaming YouTube Channel No Gaming Flickr Photostream
Child Welfare Office (formerly the Office of Community Services) No Child Welfare Facebook Page No Child Welfare Twitter Feed No Child Welfare YouTube Channel No Child Welfare Flickr Photostream
Children and Family Services, Department of (DCFS) DCFS Facebook Page No DCFS Twitter Feed DCFS YouTube Channel No DCFS Flickr Photostream
Civil Service, State (SCS) SCS Facebook Page SCS Twitter Feed SCS YouTube Channel No SCS Flickr Photostream
Clerk of the House No Clerk of the House Facebook Page No Clerk of the House Twitter Feed No Clerk of the House YouTube Channel No Clerk of the House Flickr Photostream
Coastal Protection and Restoration, Governor's Office of No Coastal Activities Facebook Page No Coastal Activities Twitter Feed No Coastal Activities YouTube Channel No Coastal Activities Flickr Photostream
Community & Technical College System, Louisiana (LCTCS) LCTCS Facebook Page LCTCS Twitter Feed LCTCS YouTube Channel No LCTCS Flickr Photostream
Community Development (OCD) No OCD Facebook Page No OCD Twitter Feed No OCD YouTube Channel No OCD Flickr Photostream
Community Development Authority No Community Development Authority Facebook Page No Community Development Authority Twitter Feed No Community Development Authority YouTube Channel No Community Development Authority Flickr Photostream
Corrections, Department of (DOC) No DOC Facebook Page No DOC Twitter Feed No DOC YouTube Channel No DOC Flickr Photostream
Culture, Recreation, and Tourism, Department of (CRT) No CRT Facebook Page No CRT Twitter Feed No CRT YouTube Channel No CRT Flickr Photostream


Disability Affairs, Governor's Office of No Disability Affairs Facebook Page No Disability Affairs Twitter Feed No Disability Affairs YouTube Channel No Disability Affairs Flickr Photostream


Economic Development, Department of (LED) No LED Facebook Page LED Twitter Feed No LED YouTube Channel No LED Flickr Photostream
Education, Department of (DOE) DOE Facebook Page DOE Twitter Feed DOE YouTube Channel No DOE Flickr Photostream
Elderly Affairs, Governor's Office of (GOEA) No GOEA Facebook Page No GOEA Twitter Feed No GOEA YouTube Channel No GOEA Flickr Photostream
Elementary & Secondary Education, Louisiana Board of (BESE) BESE Facebook Page BESE Twitter Feed No BESE YouTube Channel No BESE Flickr Photostream
Employee's Retirement System, Louisiana State (LASERS) LASERS Facebook Page LASERS Twitter Feed LASERS YouTube Channel No LASERS Flickr Photostream
Environmental Quality, Department of (DEQ) No DEQ Facebook Page No DEQ Twitter Feed No DEQ YouTube Channel No DEQ Flickr Photostream
Ethics, Louisiana Board of No Ethics Facebook Page No Ethics Twitter Feed No Ethics YouTube Channel No Ethics Flickr Photostream
Examiner, Office of State State Examiner Facebook Page No State Examiner Twitter Feed No State Examiner YouTube Channel No LCTCS Flickr Photostream


Facility Planning and Control No Facility Planning Facebook Page No Facility Planning Twitter Feed No Facility Planning YouTube Channel No Facility Planning Flickr Photostream
Financial Institutions, Office of (OFI) No Financial Institutions Facebook Page No Financial Institutions Twitter Feed No Financial Institutions YouTube Channel No Financial Institutions Flickr Photostream
Fire Marshal, State Fire Marshal Facebook Page Fire Marshal Twitter Feed No Fire Marshal YouTube Channel No Fire Marshal Flickr Photostream


Group Benefits for State Employees, Office of (OGB) No OGB Facebook Page No OGB Twitter Feed No OGB YouTube Channel No OGB Flickr Photostream
Governor, Office of the Governor Facebook Page Governor Twitter Feed No Governor YouTube Channel No Governor Flickr Photostream


Health, Department of (LDH) LDH Facebook Page LDH Twitter Feed LDH YouTube Channel No LDH Flickr Photostream
Historic Preservation, Louisiana Division of No Historic Preservation Facebook Page No Historic Preservation Twitter Feed No Historic Preservation YouTube Channel No Historic Preservation Flickr Photostream
Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness, Governor's Office of (GOHSEP) GOHSEP Facebook Page GOHSEP Twitter Feed GOHSEP YouTube Channel GOHSEP Flickr Photostream
House of Representatives, Louisiana State House of Reps Facebook Page House of Reps Twitter Feed House of Reps YouTube Channel No House of Reps Flickr Photostream
Housing Corporation, Louisiana (LHC) LHC Facebook Page LHC Twitter Feed No LHFA YouTube Channel No LHFA Flickr Photostream


Indian Affairs, Governor's Office of No Indian Affairs Facebook Page No Indian Affairs Twitter Feed No Indian Affairs YouTube Channel No Indian Affairs Flickr Photostream
Interim Emergency Board No Interim Emergency Board Facebook Page No Interim Emergency Board Twitter Feed No Interim Emergency Board YouTube Channel No Interim Emergency Board Flickr Photostream
Inspector General, Office of (OIG) No OIG Facebook Page No OIG Twitter Feed No OIG YouTube Channel No OIG Flickr Photostream
Insurance, Department of (LDI) LDI Facebook Page LDI Twitter Feed LDI YouTube Channel No LDI Flickr Photostream


Juvenile Justice, Office of No Juvenile Justice Facebook Page No Juvenile Justice Twitter Feed No Juvenile Justice YouTube Channel No Juvenile Justice Flickr Photostream




LASERS: Louisiana State Employees Retirement System LASERS Facebook Page LASERS Twitter Feed LASERS YouTube Channel No LASERS Flickr Photostream
LES Federal Credit Union Credit Union Facebook Page Credit Union Twitter Feed No Credit Union YouTube Channel No Credit Union Flickr Photostream
LOUIS: Louisiana Library Network LOUIS Facebook Page LOUIS Twitter Feed LOUIS YouTube Channel No LOUIS Flickr Photostream
Law Institute, Louisiana No Law Institute Facebook Page No Law InstituteTwitter Feed No Law Institute YouTube Channel No Law Institute Flickr Photostream
Labor, Department of (Now Known as Workforce Commission) Labor Facebook Page Labor Twitter Feed Labor YouTube Channel No Labor Flickr Photostream
Law Library of Louisiana No Law Library Facebook Page No Law Library Twitter Feed No Law Library YouTube Channel No Law Library Flickr Photostream
Legislature, Louisiana State No Legislature Facebook Page No Legislature Twitter Feed No Legislature YouTube Channel No Legislature Flickr Photostream
Legislative Auditor, Louisiana No Legislative Auditor Facebook Page Legislative Auditor Twitter Feed Legislative Auditor YouTube Channel No Legislative Auditor Flickr Photostream
Legislative Fiscal Office, Louisiana No Legislative Fiscal Office Facebook Page No Legislative Fiscal Office Twitter Feed No Legislative Fiscal Office YouTube Channel No Legislative Fiscal Office Flickr Photostream
Legislative Women's Caucus, Louisiana Legislative Women's Caucus Facebook Page No Legislative Women's Caucus Twitter Feed No Legislative Women's Caucus YouTube Channel No Legislative Women's Caucus Flickr Photostream
Library of Louisiana, State State Library Facebook Page No State Library Twitter Feed No State Library YouTube Channel No State Library Flickr Photostream


Mental Health Advocacy Service (MHAS) No MHAS Facebook Page No MHAS Twitter Feed No MHAS YouTube Channel No MHAS Flickr Photostream
Motor Vehicles, Office of (OMV) No OMV Facebook Page No OMV Twitter Feed No OMV YouTube Channel No OMV Flickr Photostream
Municipal Fire and Police Civil Service Fire and Police Facebook Page Fire and Police Twitter Feed No Fire and Police YouTube Channel No Fire and Police Flickr Photostream
Museum, Louisiana State State Museum Facebook Page State Museum Twitter Feed No State Museum YouTube Channel No State Museum Flickr Photostream


National Guard, Louisiana LA National Guard Facebook Page LA National Guard Twitter Feed LA National Guard YouTube Channel LA National Guard Flickr Photostream
Natural Resources, Department of (DNR) DNR Facebook Page DNR Twitter Feed No DNR YouTube Channel No DNR Flickr Photostream


Oil Spill Coordinator's Office No Oil Spill Office Facebook Page No Oil Spill Office Twitter Feed No Oil Spill Office YouTube Channel No Oil Spill Office Flickr Photostream


Patient's Compensation Fund, Louisiana No Patient's Compensation Fund Facebook Page No Patient's Compensation Fund Twitter Feed No Patient's Compensation Fund YouTube Channel No Patient's Compensation Fund Flickr Photostream
Penitentiary, Louisiana State No State Penitentiary Facebook Page No State Penitentiary Twitter Feed No State Penitentiary YouTube Channel No State Penitentiary Flickr Photostream
Penitentiary Museum, Louisiana State State Penitentiary Museum Facebook Page State Penitentiary Museum Twitter Feed No State Penitentiary Museum YouTube Channel No State Penitentiary Museum Flickr Photostream
Pennington Biomedical Research Center Pennington Facebook Page Pennington Twitter Feed No Pennington YouTube Channel No Pennington Flickr Photostream
Planning and Budget, Office of (OPB) No OPB Facebook Page No OPB Twitter Feed No OPB YouTube Channel No OPB Flickr Photostream
Police, Louisiana State State Police Facebook Page State Police Twitter Feed State Police YouTube Channel No State Police Flickr Photostream
Poynter Legislative Research Library Poynter Library Facebook Page No Poynter Library Twitter Feed No Poynter Library YouTube Channel No Poynter Library Flickr Photostream
Procurement, Office of State (OSP) No OSP Facebook Page No OSP Twitter Feed No OSP YouTube Channel No OSP Flickr Photostream
Public Safety, Department of (DPS) No DPS Facebook Page No DPS Twitter Feed No DPS YouTube Channel No DPS Flickr Photostream
Public Service Commission, Louisiana (PSC) PSC Facebook Page PSC Twitter Feed No PSC YouTube Channel No PSC Flickr Photostream




Racing Commission, Louisiana State No Racing Commission Facebook Page No Racing Commission Twitter Feed No Racing Commission YouTube Channel No Racing Commission Flickr Photostream
Regents for Higher Education in Louisiana, Board of Regents Facebook Page Regents Twitter Feed No Regents YouTube Channel No Regents Flickr Photostream
Register, Office of State (OSR) No State Register Facebook Page No State Register Twitter Feed No State Register YouTube Channel No State Register Flickr Photostream
Retirement System, School Employees No School Retirement Facebook Page No School Retirement Twitter Feed No School Retirement YouTube Channel No School Retirement Flickr Photostream
Revenue, Department of No Revenue Facebook Page Revenue Twitter Feed No Revenue YouTube Channel No Revenue Flickr Photostream


Secretary of State Secretary of State Facebook Page Secretary of State Twitter Feed Secretary of State YouTube Channel Secretary of State Flickr Photostream
Senate, Louisiana State No State Senate Facebook Page No State Senate Twitter Feed No State Senate YouTube Channel No State Senate Flickr Photostream
State Buildings, Office of No OSB Facebook Page No OSB Twitter Feed No OSB YouTube Channel No OSB Flickr Photostream
State Lands, Office of No OSL Facebook Page No OSL Twitter Feed No OSL YouTube Channel No OSL Flickr Photostream
State University, Louisiana (LSU A&M) LSU A&M Facebook Page LSU A&M Twitter Feed LSU A&M YouTube Channel No LSU A&M Flickr Photostream
Student Financial Assistance, Office of (LOSFA) LOSFA Facebook Page LOSFA Twitter Feed LOSFA YouTube Channel LOSFA Flickr Photostream
Supreme Court of Louisiana No Supreme Court of Louisiana Facebook Page No Supreme Court of Louisiana Twitter Feed No Supreme Court of Louisiana YouTube Channel No Supreme Court of Louisiana Flickr Photostream


Tax Appeals, Board of No Board of Tax Appeals Facebook Page No Board of Tax Appeals Twitter Feed No Board of Tax Appeals YouTube Channel No Board of Tax Appeals Flickr Photostream
Tax Commission, Louisiana No Tax Commission Facebook Page No Tax Commission Twitter Feed No Tax Commission YouTube Channel No Tax Commission Flickr Photostream
Teachers' Retirement System of Louisiana (TRSL) Teacher's Retirement Facebook Page Teacher's Retirement Twitter Feed No Teacher's Retirement YouTube Channel No Teacher's Retirement Flickr Photostream
Tech University, Louisiana LaTech Facebook Page LaTech Twitter Feed LaTech YouTube Channel LaTech Flickr Photostream
Technology Services, Office of No Technology Services Facebook Page No Technology Services Twitter Feed No Technology Services YouTube Channel No Technology Services Flickr Photostream
Transportation & Development, Department of (DOTD) DOTD Facebook Page DOTD Twitter Feed DOTD YouTube Channel No DOTD Flickr Photostream
Treasury, Department of the (State Treasurer) Dept of Treasury Facebook Page Dept of Treasury Twitter Feed Dept of Treasury YouTube Channel No Dept of Treasury Flickr Photostream


Uniform Payroll, Office of State (OSUP) No OSUP Facebook Page No OSUP Twitter Feed No OSUP YouTube Channel No OSUP Flickr Photostream
University of Louisiana at Monroe ULM Facebook Page ULM Twitter Feed No ULM YouTube Channel No ULM Flickr Photostream


Veterans Affairs, Department of Veterans Affairs Facebook Page No Veterans Affairs Twitter Feed No Veterans Affairs YouTube Channel No Veterans Affairs Flickr Photostream
Vital Records (Birth, Death, Marriage Records) No Vital Records Facebook Page No Vital Records Twitter Feed No Vital Records YouTube Channel No Vital Records Flickr Photostream


Wildlife & Fisheries, Department of (WLF) WLF Facebook Page WLF Twitter Feed WLF YouTube Channel No WLF Flickr Photostream
Workforce Commission, Louisiana (Formerly Department of Labor) Workforce Commission Facebook Page Workforce Commission Twitter Feed Workforce Commission YouTube Channel No Workforce Commission Flickr Photostream







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